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Have you heard about the recent climate protests going on internationally? People across the world are demanding changes be made to address the ongoing climate change problem. Most people think about the rising sea levels or melting glaciers when they think about climate change. Usually, one doesn't think about the consequences it can have to roadways. Most roadways aren't equipped to deal with warmer climate and can melt away.

Asphalt is a temperature sensitive material, meaning it can crack when too cold and melt when too hot. This is an important fact because roadways are designed for efficiency, functionality and safety - not for temperature fluctuation. Many times construction materials are chosen based upon a stationary temperature. Which ultimately means, if temperatures continue to climb like they have this is not good news for our roadways and infrastructure. All which will then lead to higher maintenance costs.

Temperatures are predicted to continue rising unless we do something about it. Now, is the time. What are your thoughts and ideas on climate change? How can we help make a difference for future generations? Send us your thoughts and ideas!


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