Fall Is Around The Corner!

Do you remember our very first blog in the spring, where we answered your questions about resurfacing your driveway? We stated how the optimal temperature for paving asphalt is about 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Well guess what? The remainder of this week calls for temperatures right around our optimal paving temperature. Do you know what that means? Now is the time to pave your driveway, basketball court or parking lot before the temperatures start to decrease even more!

Another common question that we get about driveways is,

How often should I reseal my asphalt driveway?

It all depends on the climate that you live in but on average we say about every 5 years. Over time, asphalt is prone to cracks and damage. If you start noticing small cracks, it is probably time to reseal! By maintaining and repairing those cracks, you will help to save yourself a lot of time and money.

How do I take care of an asphalt driveway?

We recommend scrubbing your asphalt driveway with dish soap and warm water. Chemical detergents can damage the material and should be avoided. If you happen to notice any tough stains, give us a call. Trying to do this yourself can result in additional damage to your asphalt.

Have any more questions for us? Give us a call or email them to us so that we can help assist you.


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