Fire Pits, Part 2!

Back for more information on fire pits? We're excited to share with you our next blog on fire pits!

Let's talk about the details on the materials that can be used on your fire pit. A lot of the materials used depend on a couple things that we discussed in our previous blog. Have you decided on a permanent or portable fire pit? Don't forget our team at SLR, can help design a stunning fire pit that will work around your homes aesthetic and also give you the right mix of warmth and safety for your space.

Permanent Options

Common types of permanent fire pit structures are veneer stone, concrete block as well as concrete because they can be included in your existing landscape. All of these materials help to protect both you and your guests. These types of materials also give you several color options and finishes to help match your décor.

Choosing A Portable Fire Pit

Many portable fire pits live on a deck or patio space, so you will want to match the look to mimic that area. This has led to a rise in clay, cast iron, copper and steel fire pits. Cast iron is very sturdy and hard to knock over. While stainless steel is a top choice because of its durability and the fact that it is easy to move. Copper fire pits are amongst the most common fire pits that you can buy from the store.

Now that we've discussed some of the materials, let's go back to talking about the placement of your fire pit. Your fire pit should always be on a level surface. If you have a portable fire pit, it should always be on a hard, fire-resistant surface such as concrete brick or stone. Another thing to consider is to try and put in a space that is downwind from the prevailing winds on your property. This will help avoid smoke blown in your face.

Staying Social!

If you have a large backyard and tend to entertain more, it might be a good idea to incorporate your fire pit into the living space. This will help to make the fire pit a year long oasis!

One last thing to double check. It's a good idea to contact your local fire department because different areas have different fire codes and regulations. Ask if the fire pit must be covered and how far away it must be placed from your home.

Now that we've discussed a lot of details on fire pits, what have you decided? Are you going to put one into your home?


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