Sitework and Drainage

A vital part of every construction project is sitework. What is sitework? The quick definition of sitework is the actual process of getting your construction site ready for all the construction that is going to take place.

Some of the key parts of sitework include:

  • Clearing & grubbing

  • Subgrade stabilization

  • Shoring and Erosion Control

  • Excavation

  • Drainage and water systems

Proper execution of these elements set the stage for your construction project success. Let's discuss each aspect in more detail.

Clearing & Grubbing

This is the process of land clearing and removing the area of any vegetation like plants, shrubs or trees. Clearing and grubbing can be a very involved process depending on the vegetation involved as there are many environmental and regulatory considerations.

Subgrade Stabilization

This involves stabilizing all of the soil levels below the topsoil so that the ground underneath the construction site will not cave in or shift. If this important piece of the sitework is not taken, your structure may have serious structural damage and foundation cracks in the near future.

Shoring and Erosion Control

Shoring and erosion control is used to stop your construction site from having any weathering, erosion, or collapse during construction. Without the proper precautionary steps taken to ensure shoring and erosion control, all the employees at the construction site as well as the equipment will be in serious danger.


Excavation is the process of removing excess soil and rocks from the construction site. This step is extremely intensive and requires experienced construction workers and large equipment.

Drainage and Water Systems

The final step of the sitework process are the drainage and water systems - this can mean the difference between a beautifully finished project or one that literally went down the drain. Drainage systems are put in place at construction sites to get excess stormwater out of the area and prevent it from damaging construction equipment and in-progress construction. Water systems are installed to bring clean water to the area and pump out any wastewater.

Now do you see why sitework is such an important part of the construction process? At SLR Industries we specialize in sitework and drainage for both residential and commercial properties. Some of our commercial accounts include; Starbucks, Home Depot, McDonalds, National Grid and more. Click here to find out about other commercial accounts that have used SLR Industries for all of their sitework and drainage needs.

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