The Cold Weather is Coming!

Are you ready for wintertime? The temperatures are starting to drop and snow will soon be on the way. We want to help give you some early tips on how to help you deal with the ice and snow at your home or business. Ice and snow build up can be very dangerous to both people and pets.

One of the most commonly used methods to help prevent snow and ice build-up is salting the surface prior to any snowfall. This may seem like an extremely simple fix but salt causes concrete damage. Salt on concrete or pavement can cause it to pit and once pitted it can eventually crack and break. When salt comes into contact with any metal for instance patio furniture, it can cause corrosion and lead to more property damage. In addition to this, salt can damage your pets paw pads. If your pet ingests the salt it can also have other side effects as many ice melters have different chemicals in them, Fortunately there are other ways to help prevent build-up of snow and ice other than salt.

First tip is to SHOVEL FIRST. Remove as much ice and snow as possible using a shovel. Another tip is to use natural cat litter as an alternative to salt. It helps create traction and you can get litter that doesn’t have any toxins or chemicals in it so it is safe for pets and kids. If you don’t have cat litter available to you, some other alternatives are wood chips, gravel or straw. These materials will also help create traction without creating any damage. It is recommended to put them down before any snowfall.

Heated stair mats are another great way to help prevent any build-up. Place them on stairs or another various areas. These heated mats are easy to move and do not cause any damage to concrete or furniture. They will not cause any harm to your furry friends either!

While these methods are highly effective and will help to prevent any concrete or damage to your pavement, sometimes weathering and damage is inevitable. Don’t worry because the team at SLR Industries is here to help. We are experts in working with concrete and payment in the Long Island, New York area. We have years of experience in the industry. If your concrete needs to be repaired, replaced or your thinking about installing concrete, give us a call at 631-893-3934 to help assist you.


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